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May 19, 2014

Channahon, Ill. - Diversified CPC International, a leading global supplier of aerosol propellants and specialty gases, is pleased to announce the promotion of Dileep Bendi to process engineering manager.  In this newly created role, Bendi will assume greater responsibility for managing process engineering activities and projects for Diversified CPC and its subsidiary, Diversified Pure Chem in Rhome, Texas.

Bendi joined Diversified CPC in 2009 as a process engineer and during his time with the company, he has significantly contributed to several key projects.  His most recent efforts led to the expansion of Diversified CPC’s line of high purity gases.  Additionally, he was an essential member of the engineering team during the design, construction, and commissioning of the company’s high purity olefins (HPO) fractionation system.

“Within the short span of five years, Dileep has played a vital role in expanding our operational capabilities,” said Bill Frauenheim, vice president of operations for Diversified CPC.  “His knowledge and expertise translate into a broader product portfolio for our clients.”

Bendi has a master’s degree in chemical and natural gas engineering from Texas A&M University.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Andhra University in India.

Diversified CPC International is a global leader in the production of the highest quality specialty gases, aerosol propellants, alternative fuels, NGL refrigerants, and foam blowing agents.  In addition to providing quality products, the company maintains an unmatched focus on client satisfaction and offers an array of value-added services.  Diversified CPC provides safety and operations consultation, storage tank sales and installation, and supply chain management to help clients meet their safety and operational goals. 


March 18, 2014
Diversified CPC Promotes Charlie Ortmann to National Sales Manager

Channahon, Ill. - Diversified CPC International, a leading global supplier of aerosol propellants, is pleased to announce the promotion of Charlie Ortmann to national sales manager.

Charlie joined Diversified CPC 22 years ago as a regional sales manager. During his tenure with the company, he has been instrumental in increasing sales and ensuring high customer satisfaction. In his new role, Charlie will maintain his existing client base while working with the sales team on key national accounts.

"Charlie excels at developing and maintaining valuable relationships with our clients, as well as our sales, customer service, and operations teams", said George Sehringer, vice president of sales and marketing for Diversified CPC. "He takes a collaborative approach to addressing client needs, which is the key to delivering exceptional customer service."

Charlie is a board member of the Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO) and the Western Aerosol Information Bureau (WAIB); he is a member of the Midwest Aerosol Association (MAA), and the Southern Aerosol Technical Association (SATA). He holds a bachelor's degree from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Ind.



May 3, 2012
Diversified CPC, International Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Pure Chem Separation, L.P. (PCS), today. The new entity will be known as Diversified Pure Chem, LLC.

According to, William N. Auriemma, President & CEO, DCPC, "This acquisition expands DCPC's reach into the fluorocarbon refrigerant markets, with a focus on recycle and reuse. Diversified Pure Chem (DPC) will continue to expand and develop its refrigerant recycle and reprocessing capabilities, in support of the EPA's intent to create sustainable refrigerant recycling businesses. With that in mind, DPC is acquiring the tallest, high pressure fractional distillation column for separating mixed refrigerants, in this industry. This will uniquely position DPC to separate large quantities of R-22, in addition to high-pressure mixtures, like R-410a."

Brock Manner
Brock Manner has has joined the company as a Regional Sales Manager. Manner has more than 22 years experience in the aerosol industry and is active in several industry trade associations. He will be based in Chicago, IL and will be responsible for sales in key markets.


Optical Gas Imaging
Many industrial gases and chemical compounds are invisible to the naked eye. In a complex industrial facility there may be many thousands of potential leak paths. Diversified CPC now offers our FLIR Optical Gas Imaging Thermography services!

The FLIR Gas Detection cameras are infrared cameras which are able to visualize gas by utilizing the physics of fugitive gas leaks. The camera produces a full picture of the scanned area and leaks appear as smoke on the camera’s viewfinder or LCD, allowing the user to see fugitive gas emissions. The image is viewed in real time and can be recorded in the camera for easy archiving.

The key success factors for businesses today are safety, efficiency and profitability. When carrying out maintenance, it is of vital importance that maintenance engineers are able to obtain as complete a picture as possible of the condition of the plant.

Using the Gas Detection camera allows us to examine many potential leaks sources in a short time and from a distance. Conventional leak detection methods such as a Volatile Organic Compound meter (or sniffer) mean that the operator must visit and test each potential leak site. Each item must therefore be
accessible or made accessible to be tested. A full survey by this method would clearly be significantly longer and more expensive than with the gas detection camera.

Environmental Protection!
Tracing Gas Leaks!
High Temp Ind. Apps!
Enhanced Site Safety!
Spot Hard to Find Leaks!

Image of Vapors leaking
when filling up your tank.

Contact us today and find out more about Diversified CPC's Optical Gas Imaging Thermography Services!


John G. North
John North has been appointed VP-High Purity Gas Markets, a new position, focusing on customer / product strategies geared towards sales opportunities in high purity hydrocarbons markets – both domestic and international, focusing on market segments including, but not limited to Chemical Process Industries, Energy, Electronics, and other Emerging Markets.

Partners In Quality
Diversified CPC was presented with SC Johnson's special award for 15 consecutive years as a Partner in Quality. DCPC is one of the few companies to reach such a milestone with the Racine, WI based company.

It is with a great deal of pride that we share with you that Diversified CPC International's Channahon, Illinois and Sparta, New Jersey facilities have been registered by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to the International Organization for Standardization ISO9001:2008 Standard for quality. The certificate was issued on April 19, 1997 and revised on February 3, 2012.



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