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Engineering services

Our engineering staff has process experience in propellant manufacturing, storage and distribution, contract packaging, chemical manufacturing, foam blowing, and plastics manufacturing facilities. They have designed, built, and operated aerosol propellant, LP gas storage and handling facilities, and advanced analytical laboratories. They have provided technical and analytical assistance and have engineered and constructed projects for customers throughout the world.

  • Engineering Design
  • Engineering Drafting (Autocad v.14) (3D Process Design optional)
  • Turn-Key Construction Projects
  • Propellant Storage, Unloading, and Supply Systems
  • Propellant Recovery Systems
  • Solvent Storage, Unloading, and Supply Systems
  • Compounding Rooms
  • Commissioning of Systems
  • Decommissioning of Systems
  • Conversion of Systems
  • Decontamination of Systems
  • Safety Audits
  • Safety and Operational Training

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