Diversified CPC International COVID-19 Business Continuity Update for Our Customers.

Technical services

The Technical Division plays a critical role in the company’s daily operations. Its main duties include:

Engineering and technical services

Progressive engineering and leading technical abilities provide critical support throughout all phases of production. Advanced analytical laboratories, rigorous quality assurance testing, and top-notch technical personnel combine to deliver high-quality products formulated to fit customer specifications.

Supplier Owned Managed Inventory (SOMI)

As industrial consumers demand more service from their bulk liquid suppliers, Supplier Owned Managed Inventory (SOMI) is emerging as a critical link in the supply chain. Because supplier-managed inventory lets the supplier control the flow of goods, it changes the relationship with the customer and facilitates business processes such as just-in-time manufacturing. Whether you require a turnkey system, systems integration, or complete outsourcing, we can meet your needs.

Quality assurance

Under our quality assurance policy, all products are subjected to verification of conformance to requirements to prevent storage, handling, or release of any non-conforming material. Procedures describing the methods used in receiving, in-process, and final inspections have been developed and deployed to the appropriate points of the organization.

As the major implementing facility of the technical division, the quality assurance laboratory is actively involved in all chemical/engineering technology-related operations. The main functioning systems of the lab include:

  • Quality control system
  • Instrumental analysis system
  • Central computer system

The above functioning systems combine to target on the fulfillment of the following analysis:

  • Composition
  • Unsaturated hydrocarbons
  • Total sulfur
  • Moisture
  • Vapor pressure

Based on years of experience in the aerosol field, we provide unique, customized technical services. Our superior technology and customer-driven approach provide a unique competitive advantage that moves us rapidly towards future success.

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